About Gretchenfilm

Gret­chen­film was foun­ded in 2019 by Anne­gret Weit­käm­per-Krug with the aim of pro­du­cing films rela­ted to fine arts, lite­ra­tu­re, music or theatre.


Feature Film by Daniel Brühl

Script and Filming May/June 2020
71th Ber­li­na­le 2021
Dark Come­dy
Dani­el Brühl
Dani­el Kehlmann
Dani­el Brühl, Peter Kurth, Rike Ecker­mann, Aen­ne Schwarz, Gode Bene­dix, Vicky Krieps, Mex Schlüp­fer, Stef­fen Scheuman
War­ner Bros. Enter­tain­ment, Gret­chen­film, Erft­tal Film, Amu­se­ment Park Film
Pro­du­ced by
Amu­se­ment Park Film GmbH

Ber­lin, the Prenz­lau­er Berg district. When this sum­mer day is over, not­hing will ever be the same again. Only Dani­el doesn’t know that yet.

Dani­el Brühl’s direc­to­ri­al debut is spot-on. Based on an idea by the direc­tor and writ­ten by Dani­el Kehl­mann, the script com­bi­nes razor-sharp dia­lo­gue with oddball bar-room banter.


Feature film

Film­fest Mün­chen Pop-UP 23 July 2020
Thea­tri­cal Release
10 Sep­tem­ber 2020
Alex­an­der Schubert
Bjar­ne Mädel (Bam­bi 2019), Adri­an Topol, Erkan Acar et al.

The team of a poli­ce sta­ti­on in a peace­ful litt­le Ger­man town is threa­tened with clo­sure due to insuf­fi­ci­ent crime. In order to con­vin­ce Tina from the rele­vant super­vi­so­ry aut­ho­ri­ty of the “impe­ra­ti­ve” of kee­ping the sta­ti­on, the four poli­ce offi­cers make a snap decisi­on to fake a few cri­mes themselves.

„Ahead of the pre­mie­re on 23 July 2020: The orga­nisers are also hoping to see Bjar­ne Mädel (‘Crime Sce­ne Clea­ner’) in per­son at the Zenith dri­ve-in in Munich. The popu­lar actor is appearing in the poli­ce come­dy ‘Faking Bull­shit’, which will be showing on the big screen.“ (Süd­deut­sche Zei­tung, 25 June 2020)


Short Film

1 Febru­a­ry 2020
Based on
a short sto­ry by Ste­phen King

Based on a short sto­ry by Ste­phen King (‘Rest Stop’), The Pas­sen­ger is a psy­cho-thril­ler about two very dif­fe­rent friends chan­ce upon some dra­ma­tic events at a deser­ted rest area one evening in the midd­le of nowhe­re. When they hear what sounds like a woman being bea­ten up in a toi­let, they make a decisi­on that will chan­ge their friendship – and their life – for ever…

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